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As a sought-after story consultant, industry-reader and creative coach, Kat O’Brien strives to help her clients maximize their projects’ commercial potential without sacrificing their essential voice.

As the Chief Story Consultant for the KOB Magic Idea, LLC, Kat provides her clients with 360 Consulting and Story Development services for projects across media platforms including film, television, digital, Web3, print and publication.

Kat began her career in story development within the studio system working for mini-major studios and studio-based production companies including
Original Film, Revolution Studios, Morgan Creek Productions, and Blue Star Pictures. She assisted in the development of commercially and critically successful films including Exorcist 4, Two for the Money, The Good Shepherd, Role Models, Bangkok Dangerous, and The Messengers.

Distinguished as a story analyst and consultant for Focus Features, Alcon Entertainment, the Film Independent Directing LabAnonymous Content, and the Doha Film Institute in Qatar, Kat continues to provide expert story consultation for writers, filmmakers and production companies. Her diverse clientele hail from within the studio system and throughout the specialty marketplace, from every major continent worldwide, and range in experience from novices to Academy Award winners, Emmy winners, and others of international acclaim. 

Kat provides customized and flat-rate script coverage, development notes, as well as coaching and editing services on screenplays and manuscripts, rough cuts and assemblies, marketing materials for digital press kits, executive summaries and pitch decks. 



Consulted for and Edited Hollywood PL. Beyond The Dream: Personal Roads To The Silver Screen (2014) by Agnieszka Niezgoda and Jacek Laskus (ASC, PSC)          

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